The Midwest Music Foundation has been gracious enough to invite us to perform at their annual midwest music showcase, the Midcoast Takeover, in Austin, Texas on March 18th. Although it is not officially a part of SXSW, the showcase is during the same time which makes our trip down there more expensive than usual. We are asking all of our friends and fans to be a part of our effort to raise funds for the trip. 

Your contributions will help us pay for fuel, lodging, food and transportation. 

Fuel: $250 (Roundtrip)
Lodging: $1,200 (AirBnb)
Food: $1,080 (8 Band members x 3 meals at $15/meal x 3 days)
Transportation: $800 (12 Passenger van)

For the first few years of our existence we have been a "best kept secret" around Kansas City. Now is a huge opportunity for us to spread our wings and we would love your support in helping us embark upon this journey!