Ambassadors of Phunk, Rap, Rock, and Soul Creating Intelligent Dance Music.

On a cold December night in 2010, Earth, Wind and Fire crawled into bed with Hed P.E. and made passionate romance. This later required involving Donna Summers and Chaka Khan as midwives throughout the pregnancy, and a beautiful sound was born. Although the sound was disowned for being much too big a fan of Primus, Parliament Funkadelic had overseen the entire ordeal and adopted the unique blend of genres.

Since that time, the sound has been lurking and growing amongst some of Kansas City’s finest musicians. Without any further ado, I give you Kansas City’s best kept secret and force to be reckoned with: The Phantastics! “Hyper-boogie-hiphopified-funk-a-mystical-groovification,” this incredible 8-member group of funktastic musicians packs a fully loaded shot of phunk every time.

While on hiatus from the Kansas City live music scene, local progressive rock band StoneDeph sought out a unique way to keep their chops fresh.

After that fateful December rendezvous – remembered now as “The Greatest Show on Earth”

The Phantastics were born of a collaborative effort between the band, KC’s hottest R&B rap talent Kemet the Phantom, and the stunning soulful voice of Leigh Gibbs.

The full arsenal includes members of the band JJ Cantrell rocking the lead guitar/vocals/nipples, Danny Florez on electric bass/vocals/kill streak, Ashley Thompson master of drums/Twizzlers, DJ Mitchell keeping it sexy on the Saxophone/Karate Chops, and Austin Quick classing it up on the keyboard/Bee Gee.

After packing the house in every happening KC venue, the group has stolen the marquees in Lawrence and continues to demolish the live music scene anywhere they unleash their Phantasm.

Currently, the band has thrown the music world into upheaval with their first EP release “Closer”.

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard them yet. By reading this, you are a world closer to the greatest music experience you’ll have this side of South Korea – and you’ve got their blistering live sound captured in studio quality.