Best Marvel Characters

Without a doubt, the wave of films based on the Marvel comics set up more to some of our favorite characters from childhood, or well, put on in the eye of more fans to some of the other beings as unique, proving that the era of comics has returned (or that the same had never been).

Since the 70s, Marvel has managed to put several heroes (and villains) in the taste of the public, thanks to their stories, but without a doubt, there are a few that are among the favorites of all. Here is a shortlist of the best characters the Marvel Universe has offered us over so many years.

  1. Spiderman
    Without a doubt, our friendly neighbor earned the hearts of boys and adults, living the dream of many. A young man who finds it hard to socialize in his school and who lives secretly in love with his beautiful neighbor, from one day to the next, changes his life by acquiring powers, becoming the hero of the city.
  2. Wolverine
    His appearance as a tough man (originated by a stormy past) combined with his characteristics as a mutant (ability to heal, animal instincts and claws on the hands, then adapted to the adamantium in his body) and his way of acting, bordering on the boundary between good and evil made him one of the most popular characters of the X-Men.
  3. Hulk
    The imposing force of the Emerald giant could not be lacking in the list. Despite being an isolated person, with a somewhat shy character, but at the same time unable to control his anger (which leads him to become the Hulk) Bruce Banner is undoubtedly one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe, in addition to giving us incredible battles over Abomination in comics, and lately over Thanos and Thor himself in the MCU.
  4. Jean Grey / Phoenix
    If we’re going to talk about powerful superheroes, we can’t let X-Men’s star member Jean Grey pass. Professor Charles Xavier’s best student is characterized by telepathic and telekinetic powers, which already makes her one of the most active members of the group. However, when she joins her, the Phoenix Force becomes even more powerful, to the degree of returning from death on several occasions.
  5. Iron Man
    Tony Stark himself defines why he should be included in this list. “A genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.” He possesses one of the most potent weapons in the Marvel Universe, and is heir to Stark Industries, thus holding the technology at hand to improve his iconic armor. He has an extravagant character and is a founding member of The Avengers; you want more?
  6. Captain America
    The story lived by super-soldier Steve Rogers could well inspire many superhero fans. A fragile young man who decides to experiment with him to serve his country. Being one of the great heroes within World War II and being one of The Avengers ‘ leaders for a long time is something that many young people, and adults, would want (except spending more than 70 years frozen).
  7. Venom
    If there’s anything more refreshing than being a superhero with spider powers, that’s being an imposing villain with super spider powers, and Venom knows it perfectly. The famous symbiote, upon his arrival on Earth, joins Spider-Man, thus acquiring spider-like skills, once already attached to his favorite host, Eddie Brock. The hatred of Peter Parker, his strength, his appearance, and his rudeness made him one of Marvel’s iconic villains.
  8. Dr. Doom
    Probably one of the most powerful villains of Marvel and rival of many of the superheroes from The House of Ideas. The Fantastic 4 (and mainly Reed Richards), Iron Man, Spider-Man, Silver Surfer are just a few who have suffered thanks to their mystical abilities and intellectual ability. Capable even of acquiring the powers of other superheroes, Dr. Doom is undoubtedly a caring rival.
  9. Deadpool
    The aptly named “Mercenary largemouth” is the only character that has come out of the dash in the entire history of Marvel. His constant interaction with readers, his regenerative powers, and his mutant abilities, as well as his personality and occurrences, and his love-hate relationship with Wolverine made him get into the public’s taste.
  10. Magnet
    His ideals to protect a race as high as the mutant race makes him a unique character. However, the lived (and suffered) in his childhood, forces Erik Lehnsherr not to consider any consequence to protect his own. He continually uses his ability to control metal against humans, and his biggest rivals, The X-Men.