1. The ultimate guide to DC Comics animation films
    As well as the Movie Universe of Marvel (MCU in English) has no competitor as possible, then all attempts on the part of DC-Warner to create a Movie Universe shared have been rather fruitless (for being a bit good with the expression), with movies solo of mythical characters that do not entirely occupy the place that without a doubt deserve on the big screen.While the House of Ideas seems to have come up with the perfect formula to raze at the box office and, at the same time, convince the critics (to a greater or lesser extent), DC-Warner, with Zack Snyder at the head at the time, opted for a more severe and somber path, we would almost say depressing, which liked many, but frightened many more.However, in the field of animation films of superheroes, there is a clear winner: the DC Universe Animated Original Movies, the study of DC Entertainment since the year 2007 is in charge of making the animated movies of DC Comic books, adapting the best and/or most famous comics of DC feature films and cartoons.
  2. Revealed the extras of the preserve and the Digital Version Deluxe Iron Man VR
    Sony PlayStation has revealed new details of the release of the game “Marvel’s Iron Man VR,” which, as announced in the recent New York Comic Con will arrive on February 28, 2020. These new details consist of the additional extras that there will be of the game in case we get a special edition, or in case we already make the pre-sale of the game.
    That Special Edition is a Digital Deluxe version of the game that will be released for $ 49.99, and that, along with bonus booking, reveals eight Iron Man DECO armor in the virtual reality game. The simple prerequisite presents us, among other things, with four additional Mark armors, and these add up to another four in the case of the Deluxe Edition.
  3. Summary of the panel of Batwoman in the New York Comic-con 2019
    A few hours ago, the “Batwoman” panel was held at The New York Comic-Con, which turned out to be much lighter than one might think.
    The panel has started broadcasting the pilot episode, and then went on to comment on what was seen in it with actresses Rachel Skarsten (Alice) and Meagan Tandy (Sophie).
    Much of the panel has gone by discussing the Triangle of Rachel, Sophie and Kate, commenting on details such as that the only thing in common between Sophie and Alice is her interest in Kate; that Sophie herself feels that she is in a family triangle between Kate and Kate’s father as Sophie is the daughter Kate’s father never had; that Sophie’s relationship with her husband is real, but Kate’s return resurrects some emotions that make her doubt her relationship; or that Alice is trapped in two realities. Sophie won’t know much about Kate’s life, she just knows she’s from a family with a lot of money, but she doesn’t know Bruce personally.
    Another little breakthrough they’ve left is about the villains of the season. Magpie and Hush will be the other great villains, along with Alice, and the little they can say for now is that Hush thinks Batwoman is Batman, so he decides to go back to Gotham to take down the Dark Knight, to find out that this is someone different.